WLVR News Election Coverage

A little over three months away from the 2021 general election in November, contenders for 2022 races have begun announcing their bids. The latest announcement Read more
Three Pennsylvania counties are finding themselves in the middle of a battle for voting machines. State Sen. Doug Mastriano is asking for machines in order Read more
A new candidate has announced his intent to try to secure the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania’s 7th District. Read more
A Pennsylvania state lawmaker and ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump is launching a “forensic investigation” of the state’s 2020 presidential election, demanding cooperation Read more
Gov. Tom Wolf is halting a package of election law changes pushed by the Republican-led state legislature, a move that has been widely anticipated. Read more
The state House is moving forward a package of election law changes though the party-line vote comes despite Gov. Tom Wolf's expected veto. Read more

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