Vox Pop

Valley Vox Pop:

Voice of the People

Valley Vox Pop = Public-Powered Journalism

“Vox Pop” is a news term derived from the Latin phrase, “Vox Populi.” Translated, it means “the people’s voice.” In an effort to be collaborative and community-focused, we want to bring your voice to the WLVR newsgathering process.

During this time of COVID-19, we want to elevate and share voices from around the Lehigh Valley. If you have thoughts, questions, or techniques for coping while sheltering from home, Lehigh Valley Public Media wants to know about it.

Here are examples of some questions you can answer:

  • What has quarantine life been like for you?
  • What have been your struggles or even triumphs while in quarantine?
  • Do you practice social distancing when you venture out?
  • How is your mental health?
  • How often are you communicating with family and friends?
  • Do you have any tips to share to help others get through these times?

You also can participate in our Nature Walk with Brad Klein series by sending in your own nature sounds while you’re walking, hiking, or even from your own backyard.

Record a voice memo on your phone, and email it to ValleyVoxPop@wlvrnews.org.

Instructions for Recording a Voice Memo.

  • With an iPhone, there is an app called Voice Memos that comes pre-installed, you don’t have to download it first.
  • Open it up, press the red record button, and you’re rolling. When you’re done, hit the red square to stop recording.
  • That will save your file. Then, you can touch the three blue dots near the file name, choose share, then email it to us.
  • With an Android, the phones don’t necessarily come with an app preinstalled, but there are similar apps out there, that work in a similar way. Here is a source for some of those apps.

How does Valley Vox Pop Work?

  • You have a concern, an insight, a question, an idea for a news story.
  • You record a Voice Memo, including your name, where you are from, your contact info and the message you’d like to share with WLVR News. (If you don’t have the capability to record a memo, you can send an email.)
  • Send your Voice Memo to ValleyVoxPop@wlvrnews.org.
  • If we pursue your story idea, we’ll follow-up with you.
  • By submitting to Valley Vox Pop, you are agreeing to the use of your recording on the radio.
  • Remember to gather your thoughts before you record your message. Speak naturally and clearly. Be concise. Make your point.

Email your Vox Pop! ValleyVoxPop@wlvrnews.org.


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