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“Take Five with Grover Silcox” is a commentary on life. Grover is an award-winning TV host and producer,  feature reporter, writer, and standup comedian. Each week, he’ll share his observations on everyday life.

“Take Five with Grover Silcox” can be heard Saturdays at 9:35 am and Sundays at 10:35 am on WLVR.

For approximately thirty years, Silcox has entertained viewers and listeners throughout the Philadelphia region. Whether it was in his Emmy®-award winning segment about scrapple, or his five-minute in-depth report on the boy who could solve a Rubik’s-cube puzzle with his toes, Silcox has always had the gift of whimsy.

Since joining the team at PBS39 in 2006, Silcox has continued to enhance his track record of producing excellent and entertaining feature reports. Currently, Silcox hosts Counter Culture on PBS39. In this weekly half-hour talk show (based on location in a local diner), Silcox welcomes artists, authors, comics, singers, historians, and others to talk about their passions. During his tenure as the host of PBS39’s Let’s Go! Silcox produced feature reports on attractions and activities in and around eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.

Episode 14: Been There Done That

Episode 13: I Love Betty White

 Episode 12: Mankind is Our Business

Episode 11: Culture Meet Karma

Episode 10: What’s in a Title

Episode 9: Herd Immunity v.s. Herd Mentality

Episode 8: Growing Up Naturally

Episode 7: Time Enough to Learn Their Letters

Episode 6: Are You Too Many People

Episode 5: Find Your Work and Work Your Plan

Episode 4: Bands of Brothers

Episode 3: Remember The Moment

Episode 2: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Episode 1: We Are All Caregivers


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