Schools reopening

Pennsylvania cyber charter leaders say they’re seeing a surge in student enrollments. One cyber official says his school is on track to double their student count this year.

Decisions will be made soon for how many Lehigh Valley students return to school in the fall.

One of the Lehigh Valley’s largest charter schools will be 100 percent virtual this fall. It’s adding 1350 of its K-12 students to the Commonwealth’s growing number of cyber learners.

Jill Biden told Pittsburgh-area educators Tuesday that if her husband were already president, he would have had a plan to safely reopen schools. WESA’s Sarah Schneider reports that teachers told her in a virtual call that they don’t feel safe going back to classrooms.

Bethlehem Area School District’s superintendent is telling parents to start thinking about childcare in the fall – now. Students will likely be returning to school part-time.


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