President Trump

President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign is suing the Pennsylvania Department of State and the boards of elections in all 67 counties for allegedly taking “a path that jeopardizes election security,” disenfranchises voters and sets the stage for inaccurate vote counts in this fall’s general election.

When President Donald Trump visited the Lehigh Valley last week, the WLVR news team did our best to cover the context of the visit. And its substance.

Wearing a Mask was a Political Decision for People Attending Trump’s Arrival in the Lehigh Valley By Tyler Pratt May 15, 2020 President Donald Trump flew into the Lehigh Valley on Thursday, May 14, to visit a medical supply distributor and make a major announcement about the national supply of PPE. People from across Pennsylvania […]

President Donald Trump visited the Lehigh Valley Thursday, May 14, to tour a medical supply company and announce new plans for the Strategic National Stockpile.

The president’s visit on Thursday brought out both protesters and supporters from the LV and beyond.


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