Mail in ballots

State Sen. Scavello supports early counting of mail-in ballots By  Brittany Sweeney March 2, 2021 Election season is ramping up for the Pennsylvania primary election on May 18 and there has been talk about mail-in ballots and whether election officials should be able to process them before election day. The coronavirus pandemic has caused millions […]

The debate over mail-in ballots rages on in Pennsylvania. Republican lawmakers want to make changes to the election code that had bipartisan support back in 2019.

Northampton County has sent out 60-thousand postcards to remind voters about their options when it comes to voting by mail. People who haven’t voted by mail before, but would like to will need to sign up. And those who want to continue voting by mail will need to renew.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit by Republicans, including Congressman Mike Kelly and U.S. House candidate Sean Parnell. The suit was an attempt to invalidate mail-in ballots cast in the November election.

President Donald Trump’s campaign is suing in federal court to prevent Pennsylvania’s election results from being certified.


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