Many Americans have been struggling to pay rent during the pandemic. Nationwide, Americans owe more than $70 billion in back rent. It’s not only tenants who are hurting. Many Lehigh Valley landlords are feeling the squeeze.

Eviction protections are set to expire at the end of the month, potentially putting hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians out on the street.

On January 1, a CDC moratorium on evictions will expire. The deadline is creating significant uncertainty for families in the Lehigh Valley, and the organizations getting ready to assist them.

Much of the discussion around evictions in Pennsylvania has focused on eviction bans on financial assistance for tenants and landlords.

Federal order protects many Pa. renters from eviction, though legal challenges may arise By Hayden Mitman September 18, 2020 Pennsylvania’s ban on evictions ended September 1 – putting thousands at risk of losing their homes. Governor Tom Wolf has since called on the state legislature to extend the eviction moratorium – as nearly 2,000 eviction […]


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