Dr. Rachel Levine

The state’s top health official is advising anyone who gathered inside over the past week to quarantine.

President-Elect Joe Biden is preparing to pick key members of his Cabinet. As WLVR’s Tyler Pratt reports, one group is lobbying Biden’s team to make Pennsylvania’s top health official the next surgeon general.

Pennsylvania is joining a growing list of states beefing up COVID restrictions amid soaring new cases. The state’s top health official is urging residents not to travel for the holidays amid soaring case counts.

More than 9,000 COVID cases were reported in Pennsylvania over the weekend. The state’s health secretary is telling residents to avoid large or small gatherings, especially over Thanksgiving, as coronavirus infections surge in the commonwealth.

With COVID on the rise across the country, President-Elect Joe Biden and health officials are urging people to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. And in Pennsylvania, the state’s top health official says residents are not responding to contact tracers.


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