As folks across the Lehigh Valley are struggling to get vaccines, a Facebook group has popped up to help find direction.

Early in the pandemic, people were advised to disinfect everything they touched. But now that scientists understand more about how COVID-19 spreads, it turns out all that scrubbing might be overkill.

“I have people that don’t believe the virus is real; they feel like it’s a government conspiracy,” one LA resident says. “These are friends that I’ve known since middle school. One friend, I was in her wedding.”

Vaccine deliveries have landed in Pennsylvania and across the country – but the state’s top health official says the process of inoculating the population is just beginning.

As drug companies race to create a vaccine to help control COVID-19, the state Department of Health is urging Pennsylvanians to “continue to listen to the experts” in the face of discredited information circulating about a potential vaccine.


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