Brad Klein

As Northampton polling places reached mid-afternoon of this election day, WLVR’s Brad Klein visited one location in Bethlehem and found things running smoothly.

WLVR’s Brad Klein has tried capturing a flash of lightning using photography. This week, he set out to capture the sounds of a thunderstorm, passing through the Valley on Sunday morning.

Nature Walk with Brad Klein: Drink Your Tea-ee-ee! By Brad Klein June 23, 2020 Birding is not a purely visual pastime. It’s also about listening for the songs and calls that surround us. But how to remember hundreds of different bird songs? Long before there was audio recording, naturalists ‘transcribed’ the sound of birds. This […]

It’s Summer, if not officially, at least for the birds nesting in the Lehigh Valley. WLVR’s Brad Klein presents the Summer sounds of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo, recorded by Nancy Alice Wisser near her home in Northampton County.

But this week, the planetary show is around the waning moon. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will take turns being ‘in conjunction’ with the moon this week.


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