allentown mayor

The list of Democrats who may be running for Allentown mayor continues to change. The city’s deputy mayor Leonard Lightner says he’s no longer considering a bid.

The 2021 Allentown mayoral primary is six months away and it’s expected to be a crowded race with a wide field of Democratic candidates. But a new measure before City Council takes aim at city employees planning to run, which might force them to resign.

Tim Ramos ran against incumbent Mayor Ray O’Connell last year, who defeated him by double the votes As WLVR’s Genesis Otega reports, Ramos is vying for the seat, for a second time.

Leonard Lightner is the city’s Community and Economic Development Director. He’s considering joining the race for Mayor that already includes two city councilmembers.

Questions about whether Allentown City Council members – or city employees – can run for elected office without resigning their current posts – have swirled around the burgeoning Allentown mayoral race. WLVR’s Genesis Ortega has the latest answers from last night’s council meeting.


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