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Allentown police shot and wounded a man who they say repeatedly fired a handgun among a crowd of people then ignored an officer’s commands to Read more
Heading into summer, municipalities throughout the region faced a lifeguard shortage. Read more
As the pandemic battered healthcare workers on the frontline, a group of retired nurses from Lehigh Valley Health Network jumped in to lend a hand. Read more
Allentown's Democratic mayoral primary pitted the incumbent and two council members against a political newcomer. The newcomer came out on top leaving the other three Read more
The South Side Film Festival is returning to Bethlehem for a 17th year. Read more
More than $1 million is coming to the City of Allentown from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Nearly half that money will be spent on Read more
Jacobsburg State Park in Nazareth is home to the only remaining old-growth forest in the Lehigh Valley. Read more
Blood supplies across the Lehigh Valley are at critically low levels and donations are urgently needed to help sick patients. Read more
State House Republicans are pushing a new proposal that makes significant changes to the commonwealth’s election law. Read more
The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania Senate voted June 10 to end Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 disaster declaration. The resolution passed the house on June 8, and now Read more


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