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A corrections officer at the Lehigh County jail died this week after testing positive for the virus in December. He was the first county employee Read more
In the United States, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer every three minutes. Patients who need bone marrow transplants have a better chance of Read more
The Lehigh Valley’s first COVID-19 mass vaccine clinic will open next Wednesday at Dorney Park but with a limited supply of vaccines. Read more
The William Allen High School boys basketball team is undefeated so far this season thanks to the team led by Head Coach Darnell Braswell, the Read more
Research shows that minority communities are suffering the most during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
As pregnant women become infected with COVID-19, doctors are coming up with new ways to monitor infants’ health. Read more
On this week's episode, WLVR's Brad Klein and Jen Rehill cover the Inauguration, the nomination of Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine to the number two Read more
The Lehigh River is a candidate for the Commonwealth’s 2021 River of the Year. The 109-mile waterway is one of five Pennsylvania rivers nominated for Read more
Sen. Bob Casey is looking forward to Democrat Joe Biden taking over the Oval Office but says the Senate will have its work cut out Read more
As the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, three big questions loom. First, can someone who has been vaccinated still spread the disease? Second, will the vaccine Read more


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