Would you like to know if you’re near someone who has coronavirus? Pennsylvania now has an app for that. Since its release on Tuesday, the state-issued contact tracing app has been downloaded over 74,000 times.

People with the heart disorder, atrial fibrillation (AFib), who are exposed to greater levels of air pollution have a 1.2-fold higher risk of stroke than their peers who live with less pollution.

Whitehall High School is closed today due to concerns about several coronavirus cases at the site.

Lehigh Valley doctors’ offices and medical facilities are beginning to administer influenza shots for this season. A local company that manufactures the vaccine says demand is up this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lehigh University is updating its COVID monitoring strategy next will test a sampling of students roughly every two weeks. The move comes after a recent rise in daily confirmed case counts in Northampton County.


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