Author: Juliana

A little over three months away from the 2021 general election in November, contenders for 2022 races have begun announcing their bids. The latest announcement comes from Lehigh County’s controller who has set his gaze on higher office.

If your child is unvaccinated against COVID-19 and you live in the Allentown School District, you might want to put child-sized masks on your back-to-school checklist.

This week, a group of state attorneys general announced a $26 billion settlement with drug companies that produce and distribute opioids.

Local group Space Kamp will be showcasing its talents at Musikfest this summer. The self-proclaimed rebel hippies formed in 2017 and garnered a following after touring the U.S. and Canada.

Recent air quality alerts in Pennsylvania that were caused by pollution from wildfires in the western United States and Canada could become more frequent with climate change.


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