You think you can DJ?

Although the service has been around for a while, we are introducing WLVR @!

Turntable is a social music site which connects you, your friends and others in a real time music listening experience. You can find a link to our private room where you can try your hand at DJ or listen to others who are part of us here at WLVR.

You can find the link under the new Community menu.

Note: You will need either a Facebook account or Twitter account to log in and get started. Also, if you log in after clicking the link, you may be moved to Turntable’s Lobby so to get back to the room, come click on the link again.

Also, the room may be a bit quite as it starts off but spread and we’ll see how it goes.

-William Si
WLVR Technical Manager

One thought on “You think you can DJ?

  1. This DJ service seems to be great. I haven’t tryed it yet but I’ll surely do it. Thanks for the link! My best friend is a DJ, hope he’ll like this site)) BTW, is that possible to listen to some DJs playing music in real time here?

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