Here is an update of the Tower Of Power project at WLVR. The station has purchased the antenna in 2012. All the contractors have been hired to install a new tower and antenna on the rooftop of the Iacocca Building on Mountaintop Campus.

This project has seen many delays and the project stopped when our Station Manager was away due to illness in 2013. Now that he is back, the project has been picked up again with a new fervor.

WLVR is in the process of applying to the City of Bethlehem for a construction permit, once that is approved we can move forward with the install. The FCC has granted our permit to increase the signal and that will expire in November of 2015. That is our absolute deadline, however WLVR is not waiting for that date to arrive. We are anticipating a completion by summer or early fall of 2014.

To all the contributors , alumni and supporters of WLVR we want you to know that we WILL complete this project. It will mean a huge difference in our area of coverage and will improve the signal in our fringe areas.

The Tower Of Power is coming…