Site Update News

It has been a long while but  we are proud to introduce some new updates to the site! You may have already noticed it but at least we should have an official announcement!

Long Distance Calling

You know, this feature has been here for a while. As you know, we have a local number to reach our station. If you are located in the US (maybe outside but somehow I doubt it), you can call us for free by having us call you! You can put your number into the Call Me button on the home page and Google will connect the calls together. Do note that unlike dialing the number directly, Google’s voicemail will pick up the call if the DJ working doesn’t. Leave a voicemail if you wish. Voicemails left with the Call Me button will be forwarded to our main email.

New Calendar

We have updated our calendar software on the website so we can keep up with the new shows each semester. More interactive on the outside and easier to update on the inside. Check it out on the home page to see what show is currently playing or on our schedule to see what we have weekly.

New Community

Vanilla forums was not working out too well so I have migrated it right into  our main site. Check out the new community! It is still empty so it is up to you to start some discussions up on any show or any topic. You can sign up to use the community on the login page.

Avatars can be changed on

That is it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying WLVR!
Graduated WLVR Tech Advisor