12-6 AM: “LVR Mix”
6-9 AM: “Last Chance Medicine Show” w/ Fred (Americana)
9AM-12PM: “LVR Mix”
12-3 PM: “The Sandwich”” w/ Bill (Roots Rock Americana)
3-6 PM: “Fritzrocks” w A.J. Fritz (Rock)
6-8 PM: “The Jam” w/ Max (Blues)
8-10 PM: “The Spectrum” w/ Julianne and Kelly
10-12AM: “The Moshpit Mix” w/ Chris


12-6 AM: “LVR Mix”
6-9 AM: Last Chance Medicine Show w/ Fred (Americana)
9AM-12PM: “The Shelter” w Jay Pors (Rock/Blues/Free Form)
12-4 PM: “LVR Mix”
4-6 PM: “Acid Radio” w/ Dr. 7
6-8 PM: “Doctor X” w/ Ben
8-10 PM: “Turkish Radio” w/ Erdal and Denize
10PM-12AM: “The Loft” w/ Ryan


12-6 AM:”LVR Mix”
6-9AM: “Last Chance Medicine Show” w/ Fred (Americana)
9AM-12PM: “Retro Refuge w/ Johnny V” (Retro Rock & more)
12-3 PM: “Live As It Should Be” w/ Kevin Joseph (Roots Rock & more)
3-6 PM: “FritzRocks!” w/AJ Fritz (70’s Underground & Import Rock)
6-8 PM: “The Mountain Mix” w/ Arthur
8-10 PM: “Event Horizon” w/ NPR and Alvin
10PM-12AM: “Jews and Gentiles” w/ Jason, Joe, and Andrew


12-6 AM: “LVR Mix”
6-8 AM: “The Thursday Morning Show” w/ John (Classic & Import Rock)
8-10 AM: “LVR Mix”
10AM -12PM: “Positively Zoellner” w/ Candi (Free Form Classical /Jazz/ International)
12-3 PM: “Rock N’ Roll Archaeology” w/ Prof. SoCrates (Rock/Local/Jam/Free Form)
3-6 PM: “FritzRocks!” w/ AJ Fritz (70’s & more Rock)
6-8 PM: “The Melting Pot” w/ Steve (Mix-tape Free Form Rock)
8-10PM: “Fresh Wax Radio” w/ Chase
10 PM-12 AM: “Kate and the Kilahertz Killers” w/ Kate


12-6 AM:  “LVR Mix”
6-10 AM: “80’s In The Morning” w/ Ryan Knight (80’s)
10 AM-12 PM: “Hamzel Radio” w/ Julian and Alan
12-2 PM: “Indie Excursions” w/ Alan and Peter
2-4 PM: “Bridging the Gap” w/ Hope and Max
4-6 PM: “The Friday Jump Off” w/ Arquimedes and Angel
6-8 PM: “Sabroso Radio” w/ Baby J and Star
8-10 PM: The Cypha Radio Show w Los Deprez
10 PM-12 AM: “LVR Mix”


12-6 AM: “LVR Mix”
6-9 AM: “The Last Chance Medicine Show” w/ Fred (Americana/Bluegrass/Roots)
9 AM-12 PM: “Roots Rock Revolution” w/ Big Kev (Americana- Roots & Rock)
12-3 PM: “21st Century Medicine Show” w/ Alternative Ed ( Rock-Garage & more)
3-6 PM: “The Nocturne” w/ Dwight
6-9 PM: “The Killing Ground” w/Frank IV & MC (Hard Rock/Metal)
9PM-12 AM: “The Dungeon” w/ Sheck (Hard Rock/Metal)


12-8 AM: “LVR Mix”
8 AM-12 PM: “Ear Responsible Radio” w/ John (Prog Rock)
12-2 PM: “LVR Mix”
2-4 PM: “The Spectrum” w/ Dan
4-6 PM: “Open Buffet” w/ Ege, Eren, and Erdal
6-8 PM: “Suitcase in Hand” w/ Mike Procida
8-10 PM: “Deep Tracks” w/ Brent and Alec
10 PM-12 AM: “Musical Fusion” w/ Cory an Gabe