Help Radio Stream (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android) allows easy listening either through your web browser or on your iPhone or Android devices. To listen to WLVR through on your computer, simply go to To easily listen to WLVR on your iOS or Android mobile device, download the TuneIn Radio app through your respective app store and search WLVR-FM once the app is loaded.


There are options within the player by clicking on the photos. Unfortunately we have to embedd new code for the payer every time we update the WLVR flickr page.

The PHOTOPLAYER has a menu on the top by moving your mouse over the top of the frame. There is also a snapshot menu on the bottom of the frame.

To see NEW pics you can click on the photo and the description will be shown. A link to the WLVR Flickr page is next to the WLVR logo. That will take you to our page with more pics.

WLVR Stream

If problems arise, open up your media player, go to Open URL, and paste the following link:

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.
Sorry for the inconveinence but it will be worth the wait.


To install the WebApp on your Apple Device:

Open up on your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Touch the “+” and select “Add To Home Screen”

And there you go. WLVR’s new iOS application for your devices is ready to go.

Sending your Request through Text Messages

Just enter 246246 (AIMAIM) in the TO: field of your text message

Simply text “send”, then WLVR913FM (Our screen name) followed by your message.

For Example. Send Us:

To: 246246

send WLVR913FM
Hey can you play (Song)


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