Here is an update of the Tower Of Power project at WLVR. The station has purchased the antenna in 2012. All the contractors have been hired to install a new tower and antenna on the rooftop of the Iacocca Building on Mountaintop Campus.

This project has seen many delays and the project stopped when our Station Manager was away due to illness in 2013. Now that he is back, the project has been picked up again with a new fervor.

WLVR is in the process of applying to the City of Bethlehem for a construction permit, once that is approved we can move forward with the install. The FCC has granted our permit to increase the signal and that will expire in November of 2015. That is our absolute deadline, however WLVR is not waiting for that date to arrive. We are anticipating a completion by summer or early fall of 2014.

To all the contributors , alumni and supporters of WLVR we want you to know that we WILL complete this project. It will mean a huge difference in our area of coverage and will improve the signal in our fringe areas.

The Tower Of Power is coming…

WLVR Website September Update

Here is an update on what is going on with the website:

Missing Features

A few weeks ago, our website was doing something weird. We have hopefully fixed some of the issues that was causing things to go down but by doing that, we have disabled some features on the website. If you were using items such as the community forums, we’ll be working on restoring what we had. If you have any ideas on how to improve the site, please feel free to leave a comment.


We’re all anticipating the switch over to the student shows of this year soon. Check back within the next few weeks for an updated schedule.


A reminder about comments on the website:
We do receive your comments you post on the website. However, posted comments will not show up immediately as it has to enter our queue for approval.

Keep rocking with us on the Valley’s #1 Preset.

-William SI
2012 WLVR Tech Advisor

WLVR Website June Update

Here is an update on what is going on with the website:


The calendar schedule is now updated and should be showing the correct show under the homepage. See what is playing on our schedule.

Listen Live

We have changed the listen online page to feature another online service.

Record Shows

We have set up a listing on in order to record shows. Click here to learn more.


A note about comments on the website:
We do receive your comments you post on the website. However, posted comments will not show up immediately as it has to enter our queue for approval.

Keep rocking with us on the Valley’s #1 Preset.

2012 WLVR Tech Advisor

Social Login

Too lazy to sign up? Use one of your other accounts!

You can now use another service to log into our website for comments and the new community. To use, just go to our log in page and click on one of the icons to log in with.

Current services we support:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • Facebook

Check back later as we’ll be adding more.

[Update 3/21/2013: Added Facebook login and fixed a session error that prevented the correct loading of the social login pages.]

Site Update News

It has been a long while but  we are proud to introduce some new updates to the site! You may have already noticed it but at least we should have an official announcement!

Long Distance Calling

You know, this feature has been here for a while. As you know, we have a local number to reach our station. If you are located in the US (maybe outside but somehow I doubt it), you can call us for free by having us call you! You can put your number into the Call Me button on the home page and Google will connect the calls together. Do note that unlike dialing the number directly, Google’s voicemail will pick up the call if the DJ working doesn’t. Leave a voicemail if you wish. Voicemails left with the Call Me button will be forwarded to our main email.

New Calendar

We have updated our calendar software on the website so we can keep up with the new shows each semester. More interactive on the outside and easier to update on the inside. Check it out on the home page to see what show is currently playing or on our schedule to see what we have weekly.

New Community

Vanilla forums was not working out too well so I have migrated it right into  our main site. Check out the new community! It is still empty so it is up to you to start some discussions up on any show or any topic. You can sign up to use the community on the login page.

Avatars can be changed on

That is it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying WLVR!
Graduated WLVR Tech Advisor

Online Stream Interruptions


There have been some small power interruptions at the station which brought down our streaming server for a bit. It is now back up and running so enjoy the show!

-William Si
WLVR Tech Manager

You think you can DJ?


Although the service has been around for a while, we are introducing WLVR @!

Turntable is a social music site which connects you, your friends and others in a real time music listening experience. You can find a link to our private room where you can try your hand at DJ or listen to others who are part of us here at WLVR.

You can find the link under the new Community menu.

Note: You will need either a Facebook account or Twitter account to log in and get started. Also, if you log in after clicking the link, you may be moved to Turntable’s Lobby so to get back to the room, come click on the link again.

Also, the room may be a bit quite as it starts off but spread and we’ll see how it goes.

-William Si
WLVR Technical Manager

Welcome back from Spring Break!

WLVR Welcomes back its student Radio DJs from spring break! Beginning today students will be back on air!

WLVR Polling

We want your opinion! Feel free to leave your feedback as we test the poll system that we installed.

[poll id=”2″]


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all the staff at WLVR!

Tune in this Christmas weekend to hear a Santa’s Bag of Holiday Musical and Skit treats!

Check out the events page for more details on our annual reprise of Mr. Meanor’s holiday lampoon radio play classic… “ANOTHER CHRISTMAS CAROL”  !