Tweet Here is an update on what is going on with the website: Missing Features A few weeks ago, our website was doing something weird. We have hopefully fixed some […]

Tweet Here is an update on what is going on with the website: Schedule The calendar schedule is now updated and should be showing the correct show under the homepage. […]

Tweet We missed him dearly but coming back soon from the road of recovery, AJ Fritz announced he will be back strong and ready to rock with you full time! The […]

Tweet Too lazy to sign up? Use one of your other accounts! You can now use another service to log into our website for comments and the new community. To […]

Tweet It has been a long while but  we are proud to introduce some new updates to the site! You may have already noticed it but at least we should […]

Tweet WLVR’s Mr. Meanor passed away Friday night. Richard Webster was a dear friend of WLVR’s. He broadcasted with us for over 12 years and his voice can be heard […]

There have been some small power interruptions at the station which brought down our streaming server for a bit. It is now back up and running so enjoy the show!

-William Si
WLVR Tech Manager

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