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The WLVR Listener’s Logo Vote has concluded. The original letter is still available below. Stay posted for updates in the coming weeks.

Dear WLVR Listener!

We have plenty of exciting things going on at the station. We’ve been off the air a bit in recent days because of a significant upgrade to our broadcast antennae and studio hardware here at WLVR. These upgrades are going to allow us to reach more listeners and continue bringing you the WLVR sound you know and love.

In addition to our upgrades to our broadcasting hardware, we’re also looking to upgrade our design. WLVR has long been a station that has listeners at both Lehigh University and in the wonderful community here in the Lehigh Valley. As such, we want a logo, color scheme, and design aesthetic that appeals to one and all. Please take a moment to participate in our community logo vote at the link above. If you love the look we have, let us know! We understand that it may be the favorite. However, we think it might be time to move on from that color scheme and upgrade to something slick, bold, classy, and more appealing to our listeners.

Once a logo design has been chosen, expect other upgrades here at WLVR. From an overhaul of this website to increased activity on our various social media channels so we can do an even better job of making sure that we hear what you have to say, WLVR is moving forward to make sure that we can keep supplying the best experience for you.

And along with all this, expect the absolute best out of your programming at WLVR. We recognize that with an increased footprint comes increased scrutiny and expectation of top-notch content for our listeners to enjoy. Our expectation for those who have the privilege of broadcasting is very high. As such, you can expect nothing but the best from your DJs, be they students at Lehigh University or our beloved Community Staff.

Have a great summer. The Community Staff has been doing an outstanding job, as always, and those of us who are students are excited to get back at it when we return in the fall.

Your WLVR Executive Board


WLVR broadcasts live at 91.3 FM serving the Bethlehem and surrounding areas in the Lehigh Valley. WLVR streams worldwide 24 hours a day. Tune In radio app for droid. If you have any questions about the stream, please check out our listen help section.

There are many changes in progress and ahead for WLVR in 2015. The Tower Of Power will be raised this summer increasing our power from 33 to 200 Watts. The Student Executive board have approved the installing of new studio equipment over the summer break to coincide with our new signal.

Our website will be undergoing changes along the way. Student programming will be featuring more involvement with the Lehigh Campus to  increase awareness and engagement with our community. Be sure to check out the ARCHIVES page for “PROF TALK”, a student originated and produced feature that gives us an inside look at Lehigh Professors, faculty and staff from the student perspective.

To all of our listeners, contributors and supporters WLVR wishes to thank you for your patience and generosity.When it all comes together we will be reaching thousands more listeners and sounding better than ever. By the way, our WLVR Students are keeping it ANALOG.

WLVR 91.3 Fm  WINNER of Lehigh Valley Music Awards “Best College & Community Radio Station” 2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2011-2012-2013

WINNER “The MAJOR AWARD” presented by ARMSTRONG MEMORIAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION – James Cameron Lehigh Class of 1972


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Studio Request Line – (610) 758-3913

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